Thunderbird Council: Voting Process

Gervase Markham gerv at
Wed Feb 17 13:21:27 UTC 2016

On 17/02/16 06:08, The Wanderer wrote:
> (Out of curiosity: in that case, where/when is - or, if it's already
> passed, where/when was - the occasion for such discussion? Is/was it
> open to the community, or limited to people who already hold roles in
> Thunderbird governance?)

The voting mechanics were created by me according to my understanding of
how to generally run an open and transparent secret ballot. That
included inviting a second scrutineer for the votes, Ben, who takes a
different position from me on what the outcome of the vote should be,
and who has independent access to the raw vote emails.

The decision to hold a single up-down vote on a slate of candidates
created by canvassing core contributors as to who would be willing to
serve, was taken by the existing Thunderbird Council with the consent of
Mozilla. The Mozilla project is the current home of Thunderbird and
provides governance oversight for the project.


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