Example: Why I believe we need a new HTML editor

Axel Grude axel.grude at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 00:55:00 UTC 2016

Dear Ben,

but it looks like you replied in plain text? So HTML isn't high on your priority list 
right? ;-)

by the way I am forced to use Outlook as well, and yes it is unpredictable at times. 
but it is possible to paste stuff from word documents without getting huge surprises. 
The other thing it has is the styles bar and that just works. You can just select a 
style and keep writing; and you can customize your styles. That's something I would 
like to be able to do in Composer.

In our Company people often use colors for showing "quote level" (*) - you may argue 
because Outlook is too stupid to show real quote levels. So removing all color from 
previous quotes is not always an advantage.

As regards rich Editing, Outlook feels a lot closer to Word (table styles!) and as a 
layout freak I feel I have a lot more power. If Thunderbird had a native HTML source 
code editor I would be satisfied with it but people want tools they understand without 
knowing about the underlying language. So they need customizable styles; since the 
power of CSS3 is awesome we could build a really cool UI and better features than 
Outlook if we embraced the concept of customizable styles - obviously harnessing CSS 
classes under the hood.

(*) one person may reply (inline) in red and then the next one in green. One may say 
that this is "retarded" but we should not ignore the way the ordinary user is going to 
use a tool. Format Brush, anyone?

*Axel Grude <mailto:axel.grude at gmail.com>*
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> *Subject:* Re: Example: Why I believe we need a new HTML editor
> *From: *Ben Bucksch
> *To:* Tb-planning
> *Sent: *Tuesday, 16/02/2016 23:30:35 23:30 GMT ST +0000 [Week 7]
> Axel Grude wrote on 16.02.2016 16:35:
>> Even though the HTML markup of Outlook (that email addon for Microsoft word, you 
>> may have heard of it) may be atrocious, it is extremely good at one thing: Giving 
>> the user predictable and manageable layout with a minimum of pain.
> I'm forced to use Outlook at one work place. I have to strongly disagree. The editor 
> of Outlook is outright horrible. It also changes my fonts all the time. I regularly 
> end up writing emails with 2 different fonts. I have no idea how that happens. 
> Worse, it doesn't go back to normal fonts after pasting something, so I often end up 
> either writing the whole message in Courier or having to manually fix up fonts.
> Outlook drives me nuts to no end.
> And, FWIW, I do not think that presentation is something the author should 
> determine, but rather the recipient, the reader. I do *not* want to see replies in 
> red - they are extremely hard to read for me. Luckily, I can ignore all that 
> nonsense with "View as | Simple HTML" - in TB, but not in Outlook.
> Ben
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