Upcoming Council vote

Tanstaafl tanstaafl at libertytrek.org
Tue Feb 16 13:33:14 UTC 2016

On 2/16/2016 12:09 AM, Nathan Tuggy <bugzilla at nathan.tuggycomputer.com>
> Uh, the extra lag time to gather nominations, the extra list discussion
> about nominations, the extra time taken by all list members to pick out
> exactly who to vote for... none of those count as additional effort?
> Maybe it's warranted to go the extra mile and do a full democratic vote,
> but let's not kid ourselves: that's definitely a lot of extra time and
> effort.

Exactly. Plus, the current people on the council have been doing a fine
job, so I think we should be thanking them and be grateful they are
willing to continue serving.

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