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Tue Feb 16 05:09:43 UTC 2016

On 2016-02-15 15:05, BA wrote:
> Current process:
> a. Current council selects individuals to form the new council.
> b. This group is presented as an all OR nothing election.
> c. Everyone votes YES/NO
> versus
> Fully transparent and open process:
> a. Post a call for nominations and volunteers on TB planning
> b. Present a list of X candidates for an election of 9 positions
> c. Everyone votes for 9 people of their choice
> I think the only difference in effort between the 2 processes is about 
> 15 more minutes in vote counting for the second process, and that 
> would give the new TB council full transparency and legitimacy going 
> forward and not allow any room for criticism.

Uh, the extra lag time to gather nominations, the extra list discussion 
about nominations, the extra time taken by all list members to pick out 
exactly who to vote for... none of those count as additional effort?

Maybe it's warranted to go the extra mile and do a full democratic vote, 
but let's not kid ourselves: that's definitely a lot of extra time and 

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