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Wayne Mery (Thunderbird QA) vseerror at
Mon Feb 15 20:47:11 UTC 2016

In the interest of transparency, the normal moderation policies of this 
list will be suspended on the subject of voting for council members. 
* post requests containing outright nominations will be rejected (there 
is no process at this time to accept nominations, and nominating people 
in public is bad form)
* be aware that personal criticisms and the like may have unintended 
effects that cannot be predicted
* if you decide to post, you should probably first read past postings

Posts about voting will be approved until gerv's voting period starts. 
It will be gerv's decision as to whether to delay the start of voting 
using the announced procedure (it's not a proposal) in order to extend 

It would be considerate of others to include the words "vote" or 
"voting" in your subject line. Take care that tb-planning at is 
the only address on your message. Postings with multiple addresses will 
be rejected by the moderators to avoid having the message get stuck in 
Mozilla's spam filter, which gets very messy.

If you prefer to not post in a public forum then direct your comment or 
question to the council at thunderbird-council at or to gerv at 
gerv at as you deem appropriate.

Your moderators

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