Thunderbird Project as 3rd-year Engineering Group Project

Klaus Hartnegg hartnegg at
Sun Feb 14 21:23:55 UTC 2016

On 13.02.2016 at 23:46 Jim wrote:
> I couldn't disagree more.
> While there's obviously some crossover (a good IMAP implementation benefits
> every kind of user), the features that enterprises want usually have no
> bearing on home users.

Everybody profits from improvements. All users and the developers.
Currently Mozilla is in many aspects the last one to adopt them.

There must be reasons why everybody uses Windows Installer, including 
many open source software projects. Not using it means reinventing the 
wheel, and breaking a lot of things which assume that it is used by 

Very likely it would have been much easier to fix the certificate issue 
of beginning this year, because it is the standard method, that must be 
fully supported by Microsoft.

It would make it a lot easier to include Thunderbird in automatic 
updaters like Secunia Personal Software Inspector.

It would also help eliminate the need for separate installer files for 
each and every language, because it has multi-language support. Do you 
want to keep to build one installer per language forever?

Putting all options into the registry would not only please admins,
it would also clean up the current mess of different things stored
in very many different places, even in various different formats.

Another great enterprise thing is Application Whitelisting.
This has proven again and again to be the most effective method to stop 
malware. There is hardly any malware that can bypass it.
It does not only work in the enterprise version, but also in pro. It is 
just not yet widely known there, but growing.
However currently the updater service of Mozilla is incompatible with 
it. It would automatically be compatible if it used windows installer. 
Yes I know how you could make it compatible, but why reinvent the wheel?

However IMHO the area that needs most work is the awful user experience 
for new users. Yes, awful.
Why is the button to connect to an existing account so much smaller and 
somewhere else than the offer for a free account?
Why is the button to add another account yet again smaller and in yet 
another place?
Why does changing smtp options require to go to a different place than 
imap options?
Why does sorting by date still not work for some emails?
Why does local search notoriously miss some emails?
Why does it by default use a different layout instead of list view?
Why is the server search hidden somewhere else?
Why does it present its result in yet another different way?
The UI should not be that inconsistent and confusing.

And, other topic, why does the master password not encrypt the locally 
stored emails?

This should provide enough ideas to keep a team busy for quite a while.

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