Project ideas wanted for Summer of Code 2016

Patrick Cloke clokep at
Fri Feb 12 17:20:25 UTC 2016


Just a reminder that we're still looking for project ideas for Google
Summer of Code 2016. Part of being accepted as an organization is
whether we have a great list of project ideas or not. Currently our list
is a bit lackluster: mentors from only a few areas of Mozilla have

Please add ideas to:

Once Florian or I have reviewed them, we'll move ideas to

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Florian or I

Thanks in advance!

Patrick & Florian

On 1/14/16 5:53 PM, Florian Quèze wrote:
> Google is running Summer of Code again in 2016. Mozilla has had the
> pleasure of participating many years so far, and even though we
> weren't selected last year, we are hoping to participate again this
> year. In the next few weeks, we need to prepare a list of suitable
> projects to support our application.
> Can you think of a 3-month coding project you would love to guide a
> student through? This is your chance to get a student focusing on it
> for 3 months! Summer of Code is a great opportunity to introduce new
> people to your team and have them work on projects you care about but
> that aren't on the critical path to shipping your next release.
> Here are the conditions for the projects:
> - completing the project should take roughly 3 months of effort for a student;
> - any part of the Mozilla project (Firefox, Firefox OS, Thunderbird,
> Instantbird, SeaMonkey, Bugzilla, L10n, NSS, IT, and many more) can
> submit ideas, as long as they require coding work;
> - there is a clearly identified mentor who can guide the student
> through the project.
> If you have an idea, please put it on the Brainstorming page
> ( ),
> which is our idea development scratchpad. Please follow the
> instructions at the top.
> The deadline to submit project ideas and help us be selected by Google
> is February 19th.
> Note for students: the student application period starts on March
> 14th, but the sooner you start discussing project ideas with potential
> mentors, the better.
> Please feel free to discuss with us any question you may have related
> to Mozilla's participation in Summer of Code. Generic Summer of Code
> questions are likely already answered in the Google FAQ:
> Florian and Patrick

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