Thunderbird Project as 3rd-year Engineering Group Project

Philipp Kewisch mozilla at
Fri Feb 12 12:56:34 UTC 2016

On 2/12/16 1:21 PM, James Quilty wrote:
>  I agree that the Compose UI enhancements and JS/HTML rewrite of UI
> are really important, but they feel too large in scope for group
> projects at this point. 
Hi James,

I think the term "rewrite" makes it sound like a lot of work. To go into
detail what needs to be done, migrating the thread pane UI to HTML
consists of:

1) Importing a js library that can display lazy-loading lists into the
code base (like the Mozilla fast-list implementation, may already be in
2) Writing an adapter for the [nsITreeView] interface (~30 methods and
properties), that adapts between that interface and the one provided by
the library
3) Changing the UI to add the HTML container and nodes required to
display the lazy loading list

Excluding the time to get accommodated with the code, I suspect this
would take max 1 week. At this stage, we can assess the performance of
the solution and consider either changing the library in 1, or going
forward to fold the adapter with the nsITreeView implementation, which
means some cleanup and copy/paste from the original nsITreeView
implementation. Maybe a second week for the cleanup. I was thinking this
might actually not even fill the whole time, hence I suggested framing
it broader.

If the other projects are more interesting though I'm totally fine with



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