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Dave Koelmeyer dave.koelmeyer at davekoelmeyer.co.nz
Fri Feb 12 12:25:08 UTC 2016

On 12/02/16 23:27, Gervase Markham wrote:
> On 12/02/16 00:31, Dave Koelmeyer wrote:
>> Also, businesses using Google for Work at scale have presumably already
>> been sold on the pros of using a webmail client, so I don't know how
>> attractive having a desktop client that works with Gmail actually would
>> be here to those organisations. 
> I'm not sure that logic holds at all. Client preference is individual;
> assuming the organization doesn't mandate the use of a particular
> client, why would some people in that organization not want to use
> Thunderbird with Gmail?

*Some* people might, sure, but I don't see an organisation rolling back
en masse back to a desktop client if they've gone through the trouble of
migrating to an integrated web-based platform to begin with. I've tried
selling this myself, and once a business is on Gmail the ship has
largely sailed. I question if it's worth resourcing Thunderbird as a
priority to chase after All Mail, or Labels, or Categories, or OAuth, or
whatever Google have cooked up this month to satisfy what actually might
be a pretty select group of users. It seems to be a whole lot of trouble
simply to end up with what's essentially an IMAP email account, with
none of the added benefits you'd otherwise get with the native Gmail
experience, and quite a few drawbacks.

The organisations I've both worked for and supported (including the
third-largest IT spender in the country) have absolutely mandated
particular clients. Individual preference isn't tolerated when you have
senior management looking to justify the organisational spend both on
new corporate-wide product licensing and the migration project itself.
The technology and what might actually work best for the user is secondary.


Dave Koelmeyer
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