Proposed revised Thunderbird Council

R Kent James kent at
Tue Feb 9 22:01:37 UTC 2016

As we discussed earlier, the Thunderbird Council has been in existence 
since October 2014 with a static membership, beyond the original plan 
for a one-year term. As a process to update the list of members, we 
proposed a mechanism where the existing Thunderbird Council would 
present a recommended list of people for an updated Council. Gerv will 
manage a vote of current members of the tb-planning email list as a 
yes/no for the full slate of proposed Thunderbird Council members. If 
that vote is no, then we will plan and conduct a more extensive, public 
nominating and voting process.

The Thunderbird Council would like to now present the recommended list 
of members. These members would serve for one year, or until an 
alternate management structure is put in place (for example if 
Thunderbird merges into another organization with different governance 

As a process of determining this list, we communicated with people in 
the community who currently have leadership positions, and asked if they 
were interested in being considered for membership in the Council, or 
alternatively if they would serve if asked. We included all active 
module owners and peers, as well as a few individuals who are leaders 
outside of the module structure.

Based on those responses and the discussion of the existing Thunderbird 
Council, we would like to propose the following list of members for the 
next term (a nine member Council):

Current members to continue:

Kent James (Current Council Chair, and mailnews module peer)
Magnus Melin (mail module owner)
Wayne Mery (Release and QA manager)
Florian Quèze (Instant Messaging module owner)
Philipp Kewisch (Calendar module owner)
Joshua Cranmer (mailnews module owner)

New members:

Jörg Knobloch (Compose module peer)
Patrick Cloke (Instant Message module peer)
Matt Harris (SUMO Thunderbird lead)

Current members to step down:

Mike Conley

This is currently a proposed list until approved after the tb-planning 
vote managed by Gerv.

R Kent James
Chair, Thunderbird Council

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