Resurrecting Embedded Gecko

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Mon Feb 8 22:48:31 UTC 2016

Jim Porter wrote on 03.02.2016 08:55:
> On the Connected Devices team (formerly Firefox OS), we're looking into
> embedded Gecko for prototyping and releasing various, well, connected
> devices. Thus, we're planning to propose resurrecting embedded Gecko as
> part of the Connected Devices initiative. Since there have been a lot of
> discussions about what to do with Thunderbird as XPCOM/XUL features go
> away, I wanted to see what all of you thought about this plan.

An embeddable Gecko, with a stable API that's rich enough to reach into 
the page JS context, would be hugely useful. For many different 
projects, from Eclipse to NW.js to many custom applications that either 
just need a web browser with certain features, or need to inspect and 
interact with web pages from a native application. There are lots of 
such uses.

For Thunderbird as it exists today, it wouldn't be useful, because 
Thunderbird uses XPCOM everywhere. The rendering of emails is just a 
minor part. It might be useful for a completely new version of 
Thunderbird that's based entirely on web technologies.


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