Resurrecting Embedded Gecko

Jim Porter squibblyflabbetydoo at
Wed Feb 3 07:55:23 UTC 2016

As many of you know, several years ago, Mozilla removed most of the
support for embedding Gecko[1]. As the time, Benjamin Smedberg said that
it might be worth revisiting embedding once we got multi-process
rendering going. Since e10s is now a reality (in Aurora/Dev Edition) and
the old-school XPCOM/XUL interfaces are on their way out, perhaps now is
the time to revisit it.

On the Connected Devices team (formerly Firefox OS), we're looking into
embedded Gecko for prototyping and releasing various, well, connected
devices. Thus, we're planning to propose resurrecting embedded Gecko as
part of the Connected Devices initiative. Since there have been a lot of
discussions about what to do with Thunderbird as XPCOM/XUL features go
away, I wanted to see what all of you thought about this plan. Would
this help provide Thunderbird with a stable future as a Gecko-based product?

If there are any specific things you think Thunderbird would need, let
me know and I'll try to incorporate that into our proposal.

- Jim


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