Future of Thunderbird - fix it, or total rewrite? WAS Re: What happened to hiring an architect?

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> *Subject:*Re: Future of Thunderbird - fix it, or total rewrite? WAS Re: What 
> happened to hiring an architect?
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> Joshua Cranmer 🐧 schrieb:
>> We have talked about leveraging Firefox Sync in the past to synchronize settings 
>> across TB instances, and we had at one point a provisional OK from the Sync team so 
>> long as we're not storing oodles of information like local messages. At the time I 
>> last recalled talking with them, they were telling us "hold off, we're completely 
>> rewriting the thing in the next few months" (yet another example of the 
>> underestimation of rewrite complexity). Since then, I did hear a story from the 
>> SeaMonkey folks that the Sync people were moving goalposts to reject being usable 
>> for SeaMonkey, and, given the confused Mozilla policy with respect to Thunderbird, 
>> it's unclear if we could leverage that service still.
> Actually, from all I know, the Sync rewrite was done, it's now based on Firefox 
> Accounts for logging in, and they said that SeaMonkey is free to use Sync in its 
> current state a while ago - there is just nobody on the SeaMonkey side that would 
> have ported the new code yet.
> From all I hear, it's a pretty sane and nice system at this time for whoever 
> actually has code for using it.
> KaiRo
Sounds great - is there an API or recommended XPCOM interface that can be leveraged by 
us Addons developers? I would love to introduce Tabs / Filters synchronisation with my 
Addons as I am often asked for this feature. It's an ideal candidate for sync as the 
amount of data is relatively small.


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