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Matt Harris at
Fri Dec 30 23:57:02 UTC 2016

On 30-Dec-16 5:57 PM, Axel Grude wrote:
> I just had a deeper read into the documentation of quill, especially
> And the restriction to a small well known number of them
> "By default all formats are enabled and allowed to exist within a 
> Quill editor and can be configured with the formats option. "
> is what worries me in a way that such modern HTML editors always seem 
> to restrict editing to a very reduced number of HTML4 tags 
> (prominently featuring inline elements such as font) so they very much 
> appear to restrict formatting like most web editors (and their feature 
> set sends to be already provided by our current composer).
> If we go through the trouble of replacing the editor I think it ought 
> to be more powerful and directed towards building reusable style sheet 
> templates for formatting similar to a word ".dot" template file.

/Agreed,  but our methods of composing with a template need a huge 
overhaul to make this useful to the average user, including the use of 
placeholders for address book fields.  One of the things that hold folk 
back is we do not do write a new email with Christmas stationary for 
example.  You have to hunt up the description in a list.  This is a 
picture and preview based world now.

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