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Perhaps the paradigm of what Thunderbird is needs evolving from: just an 
email client (just HTML email) → personal information manager (PIM) → 
*communications platform* with enterprise security, performance and 
partnerships based on open standards which is suitable for all devices 
(desktop, laptop, mobile, ...) and all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, 
Android, iOS, ...)?

An example of an enterprise partnership (apologies if the wording is not 
the best):
Be on time for your appointment with the Uber reminder app for Outlook

Is one of the first steps to enable multi-process/parallelism in 
Thunderbird? These could benefit the following (this is not an 
exhaustive list):

1. Contacts (CardBook 

(a) Synchronization

(b) Opening
Great job but slows down Thunderbird
Still valid if contacts are stored in a database

(c) Searching contacts

2. "Saved Search Folders" updating speed in the email client

3. "Quick Filter" search speed in the email client

4. Calendar (Lightning 

(a) Synchronization

5. Circular (Mail Merge 

Thank you

On 29/12/16 09:11, Joshua Cranmer 🐧 wrote:
> It's hard to see much benefit for multiprocess in TB, especially given 
> that HTML email tends to avoid features that truly stress the backend.
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