Re: Welcome Jörg as the first Thunderbird staff!

Thomas D thomasd.bugzilla at
Thu Dec 22 20:18:36 UTC 2016

That's great news for Thunderbird, congratulations Jörg!

Your excellent skills, energy, hands-on approach and professional eye 
for details will be a great asset to our community project.

I'm happy for you that your commitment and hard work as a volunteer will 
now translate into paid work; from my own position of unreasonable 
levels of volunteer commitment to Thunderbird QA and UX since 2007 I can 
very well imagine the joy :-)

Is it true what they say? "A programmer is a tool which converts 
caffeine to code..." :p

Happy coding, avoid caffeine overdose, and take it easy always... ;-)
Looking forward to move more with you, for the benefit of TB.


On 22/12/2016 02:21, R Kent James wrote:
> Today we managed to finalize the hiring of Jörg Knobloch as the first
> Thunderbird staff in our new "community driven" era. Jörg is contracted
> to spend half-time with Thunderbird, beginning retroactively on November
> 13 2016, with the following responsibilities:
> 1. Maintain comm-central and related repositories to keep Thunderbird
> buildable.
> 2. Manage code for aurora, beta, and esr releases of Thunderbird.
> 3. Investigate and solve reported regressions and security issues with
> Thunderbird.
> 4. Review patches to Thunderbird submitted by others.
> 5. Time permitting, implement additional bug fixes, refactoring, or
> features in Thunderbird.
> As we have discussed here already, just keeping Thunderbird buildable
> and usable while following Gecko is an enormous task that will keep Jörg
> very busy in his limited available time, so please do not expect wonders
> here.
> This is also not the beginning of a switch from volunteer-driven to
> staff-driven, but it hopefully is the beginning of an era where we can
> stop expecting completely unreasonable levels of commitments from key
> volunteers. As for myself, I am committed to continuing in a volunteer
> role for the foreseeable future, and am looking forward to staff doing
> some key roles such as Jörg is taking on, so that we volunteers can work
> on the aspects of Thunderbird that we really want to be working on.
> Welcome (and thank you for all of your hard work) Jörg!
> R. Kent James
> Treasurer, Thunderbird Council
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