Suggestion: Ask Mozilla for a one-time donation to help with transitional work

Wayne Mery vseerror at
Thu Dec 22 19:13:57 UTC 2016

On 12/22/2016 10:58 AM, Disaster Master wrote:
> Hello all,
> The thread regarding Thunderbird's future reminded me of something I've
> been meaning to ask about.
> Well, I just read the story about Mozilla's reporting of $421,300,000
> revenue for 2015:
> Imagine what our fabulous Thunderbird Team could do with just 0.25% -
> 0.5% of that ($1.1 - $2.2 million)!
> I'd be surprised if no one has ever thought of this, but has it ever
> been pursued, really pursued, meaning, by someone who can actually get
> in front of the people at Mozilla who could make it happen, or at least
> could be convinced of the merits and try to get it in front of those people?
> It could even be made contingent on TB finding a permanent home (TDF
> please!) - with the lobby effort centering around two advantages to
> Mozilla: a) the positive PR (and goodwill from TB users everywhere) it
> could generate, and b) how this will greatly help Mozilla in
> dramatically speeding up the process of removing the burden they
> currently have of supporting Thunderbird in their tree - and I imagine
> that with judicious spending, combined with ongoing donations (revenue
> raising efforts), this could even go a long way - if not all the way -
> toward moving to our own online eco-system (website, independent build
> system, etc).
> Anyway, it is just a thought I had (actually a long time ago).

Yes, the people involved are already well informed about what is 
possible and not possible in the Mozilla ecosystem.

I believe these things have been covered in tb-planning in the past, but 
in case not... We are not entitled to any monies, except as they may 
relate to getting us on a self-sustaining footing and finding a home. 
And until those things happen, Mozilla continues to support keeping us 
operating via build systems, release engineer and such.

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