TB, Electrolysis & Quantum

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Thu Dec 22 17:56:25 UTC 2016

Hi all,

First, I was just reading an article on the new multi-process
capabilities of Firefox vis a vis Electrolysis. Can anyone speak to the
relationship of Electrolysis to TB? I'm guessing there is none (meaning,
TB will never benefit from Electrolysis)?

Then I encountered an article about Firefox's upcoming replacement for
Gecko, named Quantum, that, according to David Bryan, Head of Platform
Engineering at Mozilla, is supposed to "start delivering major
improvements to users by the end of 2017".


This was very interesting to me since I've never heard of Quantum. I had
read about what I thought was another new engine being developed by
Mozilla called Servo some time ago, but it had sounded like it was a
long way off, and a little googling reveals that Quantum is apparently
the official name of the new engine which is written (I think) in Rust,
and uses the 'high performance components of Servo', so I guess 'Servo'
is just the 'tech' behind it? Also, the expectation of Quantum being
implemented *this year* is significant news (to me at least) too.


This is a little confusing to me, so if I messed any of that up, please
correct me.

I don't recall ever hearing mention of Electrolysis in relation to TB,
and the same goes for Servo/Quantum, so - is this 'the problem'? Gecko
is being replaced by Quantum, which apparently has no XUL/XBL glue? Thus
these are two of the new features of Firefox that TB will never benefit
from due to the growing incompatibilities from XUL/XBL?

It sounds to me like Quantum, while being implemented incrementally, is
really ultimately deprecating Gecko itself, not just a couple of
components of it (XUL/XBL).

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