Suggestion: Ask Mozilla for a one-time donation to help with transitional work

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Thu Dec 22 15:58:13 UTC 2016

Hello all,

The thread regarding Thunderbird's future reminded me of something I've
been meaning to ask about.

Well, I just read the story about Mozilla's reporting of $421,300,000
revenue for 2015:

Imagine what our fabulous Thunderbird Team could do with just 0.25% -
0.5% of that ($1.1 - $2.2 million)!

I'd be surprised if no one has ever thought of this, but has it ever
been pursued, really pursued, meaning, by someone who can actually get
in front of the people at Mozilla who could make it happen, or at least
could be convinced of the merits and try to get it in front of those people?

It could even be made contingent on TB finding a permanent home (TDF
please!) - with the lobby effort centering around two advantages to
Mozilla: a) the positive PR (and goodwill from TB users everywhere) it
could generate, and b) how this will greatly help Mozilla in
dramatically speeding up the process of removing the burden they
currently have of supporting Thunderbird in their tree - and I imagine
that with judicious spending, combined with ongoing donations (revenue
raising efforts), this could even go a long way - if not all the way -
toward moving to our own online eco-system (website, independent build
system, etc).

Anyway, it is just a thought I had (actually a long time ago).
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