Removal of XUL/XBC(?XPCOM? from m-c? WAS Re: What happened to hiring an architect?

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Thu Dec 22 01:03:14 UTC 2016

On 2016/12/22 5:52, ace wrote:
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>> Like aleth wrote, there have been no announcements about removing
>> XUL/XBL. XUL is deprecated, meaning Mozilla will not put any effort on
>> moving if forwards
>> (patches NOT accepted!).
> Even this is not 100% sure. Maybe not all Mozilla people were notified
> :) I'm fixing a XUL bug right now (in xml) and there isn't any opposition.

I hate to be pessimistic.

I use TB for a few reasons, but for me XUL is not a big thing.
I have not bothered to change the theme or UI much myself.

*HOWEVER*, it seems that a lot of Japanese users seem to like the 
flexibility of XUL for UI outlook changes.
There is/was even a very active BBS-like notice board where people 
discussed theme *alone*. (I rechecked today, but it is nowhere to be 
found easily.)

Anyway, I suspect that a large percentages of individual users in Japan
seem to like TB for UI flexibility and once XUL is deprecated, they will 
leave it. I am afraid the disappearance of the once active theme 
discussion in a large BBS-like site is an omen of things to come.

I forgot. Japan is the second or the third largest userbase of TB.
So the input from the users there is important (or should be important).

OTOH, not everyone can rewrite XUL/XML reliably and so many users rely 
on a core set of contributors who can.
So hearing from those contributors who have modified XUL or provided 
addons ought to have more weight than random joe users.

I am afraid that mozilla is alienating these set of contributors today.
That will be the beginning of the demise of mozilla software.

I am not entirely sure what leaves us, i.e., those who would like to see 
TB to stay alive at least for a foreseeable future (I am afraid this 
time span, "foreseeable future" is obviously different in each person's 
mind. It would be great if TB lives for another four years. Four is 
picked up because two is too short, but five may be too long to hope for.).

Even for me, who does not care much about XUL's disappearance, the 
demise of the popular feature certainly DOES affect TB's viability in 
ICT ecosphere because of the potential loss of sizable portion of TB 
userbase, and so I am worried about the status of XUL.


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