Removal of XUL/XBC(?XPCOM? from m-c? WAS Re: What happened to hiring an architect?

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On 12/15/2016 5:00 PM, aleth at <aleth at> wrote:
> I'm not aware of any timetable for removing XUL/XBL from m-c. What *has*
> been announced is the depreciation of non-webextension addons in Firefox
> from Firefox 57 onwards

Ok, this will likely be my next to last post in this thread, but this is
a really critical point that I neglected to pursue.

(I have another reply to address the question of a total rewrite - and I
honestly like the idea)

First, no one responded to my question about XPCOM with respect to the

So - _*is XPCOM included with XUL/XBC in the above comment?*_

Assuming it is, here is another important question.

_*Is it the removal of XUL/XBL(/XPCOM) from m-c that poses the imminent
threat to TB, both from a UI and Addon perspective?*_

If the answer is no, then I guess you can ignore what follows, although
I would appreciate comments about the relevance of the above comment
from Andrew.

If, the answer is a partial yes, then I guess which parts determines how
much of what follows is relevant, and I would appreciate comments to
that effect.

If, however, the answer is *yes* in full, then it seems to me there is a
huge glaring question that needs to be pursued with the folks at Mozilla.

Is there anyone here that can actually pursue this with someone at
Mozilla, and get some kind of meaningful answer - or if none is to be
had right now, at least start a ball rolling to develop a meaningful
answer to this question:

_*How long before XUL/XBL(/XPCOM) will actually be slated for removal
from m-c? Is it possible to even get a rough estimate of a date?*_

If XPCOM is not included in the above, then this same question just
needs to be asked about XPCOM too, since TB apparently relies just as
heavily on it as XUL/XBL.

The answer could have a huge impact on our strategy, both immediate and
long term. E.g., if it won't happen for at least another 5+ years, we
might take a very different direction than if the answer is a more
definite shorter time-frame (1? 2? 3?).

They should stress just how important it is to the TB devs to get some
kind of an idea of the answer - as well as notifications to appropriate
people on the TB council if anything changes going forward - in order
for us to devise an effective strategy for handling this eventuality.
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