Sample Thunderbird UI redesign

Szymon Boniecki szymon at
Tue Dec 20 19:22:41 UTC 2016

> On 12 Dec 2016, at 21:18, R Kent James <kent at> wrote:
> I keep meaning to give a series of blog articles on the overall plans
> and future of Thunderbird, but one of the items on that list would be
> "first-class addons", which mean not only that addons can add features,
> but that certain core features would be implemented as optional addons
> as a means to control complexity for the end user.

Hi everyone!

I am representing Monterail, the team behind the mentioned redesign post. Thank you for all your comments so far. It’s been a very rewarding experience for people here working on this.

I’ve already mentioned this to Philipp that if there’s a will to use any of this we are happy provide all the source files, produce more designs and answer all necessary questions. I hope this could be useful!


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