What happened to hiring an architect?

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On 12/19/2016 5:34 PM, Ben Bucksch <ben.bucksch at beonex.com> wrote:
> Normally we don't do "me too", but given that rkent is actually
> seriously arguing it:
> What magnus said. exactly that.
> "mememe, i close my eyes, so you're there" doesn't work when you have
> 25 million users.


Ben, Kent is hardly arguing 'for it', we are merely discussing
contingency plans for what may come to be an inevitable choice.

As I see it, we could end up at a place where we either have to fork
Gecko, or lose the ability to build a working shippable Thunderbird.

That is what we are talking about. We - or at least me, and I'm fairly
sure Kent - are absolutely not saying we *should* fork Gecko, just that
it may come down to a hard choice that is forced on us, so please stop
reading things into this that are simply not there.
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