What happened to hiring an architect?

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On 12/16/2016 1:23 PM, R Kent James <kent at caspia.com> wrote:
> The current consensus of the developer community with Thunderbird is
> that it is important to stay current with Gecko for as long as is
> feasible, so there will be no freezing of Gecko any time soon.

Precisely what I was suggesting, so we're on the same page.

> The only real disagreements are how long "as long as is feasible" is, with me being more pessimistic (two years) and Magnus being more optimistic, but eventually facts will overtake our current opinions and speculations.

Well, you guys are the only ones with enough knowledge and information
to make that decision, and I'm comfortable you will make the decision
when the time comes.

> One significant change though is that we will start to apply our available funds to hire people to help with this maintenance task. That will hopefully free up volunteers, such as myself, to work on newer stuff that we would rather work on. I've really personally gotten tired of tracing out obscure problems in old legacy code. So much of it just needs replacing instead of adding one more band-aid, then spending the next two years fixing the regressions caused by that band-aid. Volunteers should be able to work on what they want to work on.

I agree - but it would be nice if those interests were properly aligned
with the longer term needs and goals.

> I'm not saying that we would not apply funds to newer work, only that continuing to exist is more important than getting better, so existing (continuing to build and release) is the first priority.

Well, I'm not sure what you mean by 'newer work'. If you mean brand new
features, like an integrated chat client, or RSS reader, etc, hopefully
those would be put on a burner well behind getting the core code
rewritten/refactored, and getting the existing feature set polished and
all of the bugs fixed.
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