What happened to hiring an architect?

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>>> Postbox's new release is on Gecko 7.0.1, which is now over 5 years old. I have not heard any great outcry about their security issues, and someone on this list (...cough..  BK...cough..ensa) keeps telling us what a great product that is, and how popular it is in Mozilla. So clearly forking Gecko is a CHOICE, and if people at Mozilla are using it then some people at Mozilla must not care that it is based on old Gecko, either.
>> This supports my feeling that the security risks are actually much
>> smaller for TB than they would be for, for example, Pale Moon.
> Postbox has no browser tabs. If Thunderbird was still based on that
> old Gecko version that would be a viable attack vector; just open a
> tab and do evil stuff from there. Especially easy as there isn't even
> a URL bar, so you cannot check certificates / identity.

Hence my prior comment that that is one of the first things that should
go in TB. I would never use it as a browser anyway, I only want HTML
email rendering.
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