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On 12/15/2016 5:00 PM, aleth at instantbird.org <aleth at instantbird.org> wrote:
> I'm not aware of any timetable for removing XUL/XBL from m-c.

Ok, clarification on this situation is sorely needed...

First - a quick google reveals that XBL is apparently a sister language
to XUL - but what about XPCOM? It is just as (or more?) important as XUL
isn't it?

Also - are XUL/XPCOM an integral part of Gecko? Or are they separate?

> What *has* been announced is the depreciation of non-webextension addons in Firefox
> from Firefox 57 onwards
> (https://blog.mozilla.org/addons/2016/11/23/add-ons-in-2017/), but since
> XUL itself is not going away, keeping them working in Thunderbird beyond
> that point should be feasible.

What was meant then by Mozilla's announcement of the deprecation of
XUL/XBL/XPCOM? Either they are going away, or they aren't. Or maybe,
they will be there, but the hooks will be removed for Firefox? But if
that is the case, why keep them if they won't be used?

I really wish I understood this better.
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