What happened to hiring an architect?

Axel Grude axel.grude at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 17:46:25 UTC 2016

Hi Kent,

just a heads up - I am jobless since end September after 6 years with Avaya and I do 
have a YouTube channel (Thunderbird Daily) so I am willing to give some time towards 
marketing of Thunderbird; if you wanted me to manage some of these processes I could 
be available for some part time work - if not I am happy to share the channel and 
collaborate with people who have ideas on it. I am still developing Addons and have 
strong interests in XUL / XPCOM and working with other addons developers specialising 
in mail Addons - there are a couple of people I have been mentoring. I believe 
managing / communicating between Thunderbird and Addon Developers should be something 
that's part of the Thunderbird strategic effort; I strongly believe with overlays and 
engaged developers (monetisation and free marketing for mails-specific addons must be 
discussed; e.g. such ideas like featured addon of the month need to be pushed and 
supported especially hard in the mail client market, because it is the one 
distinguishing factor for a lot of Thunderbird users).

I am not strong enough as a developer of the core code though.

My long term plan is not to go back into commercial development (it eats too much 
time) but build up a music / media production company - I have another YouTube channel 
that does this. Just wanted to make sure I am here in case you want to do some brain 
storming along the marketing / monetisation / user engagement topics. I know there are 
other areas and they are vast I only see my little corner but just wanted to give you 
my perspective if you are interested.


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> *Subject:*Re: What happened to hiring an architect?
> *From:*R Kent James <kent at caspia.com>
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> But I've only sent out one question to that list, and learned enough
> lessons that it is a bit of work to do another. Like, 1) we really need
> translation of the question and responses, and 2) it is not easy to get
> the rest of Thunderbird leadership to take these responses seriously.
> And as you say, when it comes to UI or strategic decisions, people
> really don't know what they want in a way that is clear, not can they
> easily envision a future beyond what they are doing right now.

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