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On 12/1/2016 7:18 PM, Chris Ilias <tb-planning at> wrote:
> Even if many of us have no issues with the design, I'd be interested to know which version of TB each of you started on.

I started before version 1 was released, but I can't remember what
specific point release it was.

The difference in the default GUI between versions isn't really relevant
for myself, because one of the reasons I love Mozilla products is the
ability to customize the UI. I heavily customize the UI in both. Someone
who only ever uses the default GUI would have a hard time knowing I'm
even using Firefox or Thunderbird.

> By discussing the logic of the layout and common use-cases, I think we can come across some low hanging fruit, and get more people interested in contributing to TB.

While there is value in designing a default GUI that makes it easy to
find things, please do so with the knowledge that you will never, ever
please everyone (or even likely half of everyone), and be sure people
can continue to customize things the way they want - ie, customizable
toolbars/buttons, ability to customize the layout itself, etc - meaning,
I suppose, full fledged theming support for all UI elements.
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