What happened to hiring an architect?

Andrew Sutherland asutherland at asutherland.org
Sun Dec 11 08:39:18 UTC 2016

On Sat, Dec 10, 2016, at 10:39 AM, Disaster Master wrote:

> Sounds promising. Presumably you're talking about the Gaia/Email app?
> Or something else? Are there any details available? Like for the re-
> architecture plan itself - is it complete? And/or, how much work has
> already been done and what is left to do?

Yes, the Gaia Email app.  Note that the conversations refactor never
shipped and the pre-conversations refactor engine was limited by
necessity and time constraints.

All the fundamentals are there.  You can synchronize (conversation-
centric) vanilla IMAP or gmail IMAP accounts[1].  You can create drafts
and send them.  Filtering search is there.  Things look a bit like
https://clicky.visophyte.org/files/screenshots/20160301-165633.png and
the other more recent screenshots you can find in there.

The email app engine has no real innate support for contacts anymore.
It was a consumer of the mozContacts API which was populated by the
contacts/dialer app.  That all was also done in the client API layer
because the mozContacts API was not available to workers.  To the extent
possible, I think attempting to integrate existing open source contact
management code like has been recently discussed on the list is the way
to go for that.

If you scroll down
https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/email-conversations-todo to the
bulleted area with strikethroughs that may provide a (very confusing)
picture.  I need to come back up to speed on where I left things and
file a bunch of github issues so that I and others can keep track of
where things are.

Waxing metaphorical, the current state of glodastrophe/GELAM is that we
have a very solid superstructure for a barn and a pile of fairly nice
shingles and bits of wall lying around.  You cannot use it as a barn
right now for most definitions of barn without being disappointed.

But as :BenB said, there's nothing stopping me from moving this forward
on my own.  I'll try and get a WebExtensions build going that can be
used in Firefox nightly in the near term so that people can try it out
and maybe try their hand at hacking on it[2].


1: ActiveSync probably also works.  I'm almost certain POP3 has some merge-related breakage that still needs a cleanup.  But I'm also inclined to remove support for both of these since product requirements are no longer driven by telephone carrier checklists and POP3 and ActiveSync are bad news for both users and the developers of their mail clients.

2: I'll need to get TCPSocket support for webextensions into the tree for this to work, which is why Nightly would be required.
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