Treasurer's report, November 2016

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On 12/7/2016 6:25 PM, R Kent James <kent at> wrote:
> The daily reports currently show specific large-valued  transactions
> over a period of time, but I only see a transaction reference number,
> not who the donation was from. But I can see that number of large
> transactions ($300 or greater) is a small part of the total donations.
> So most of the income is coming from small donations.

Even better news. I've donated myself (not a lot, but I do what I can),
and it's good to hear that I'm not alone. I'd be lost without Thunderbird.

I'd love to see a formal program started to try to coax companies
(larger and smaller) into donating? Best would be some kind of formal
program they could 'join' that would encourage recurring donations
(monthly or annually), but would come with some benefits (for example, a
small voice to try to influence the direction TB takes, and what gets
worked on and when) . Of course this would need to wait until the new
long term home for Thunderbird is determined (any progress on that
front? I'm for joining The Document Foundation myself).

Anyway, thanks again for your efforts Kent, they are much appreciated,
even if we don't always say it!
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