Nightingale - Nascent Contacts project under Thunderbird

neandr neandr at
Mon Dec 5 15:33:48 UTC 2016

Thanks Philippe for your feedback.

Just to point to a few aspects about the #3 of Jörg's 
list: and a bit general reflection:

That 'vContacts' project is based on the request from the NZ Victoria 
University to have a group of students working with Thunderbird. The 
good point was their decision to go for a more modern technology, not 
only using indexedDB but also React for designing the UI and a more 
structured approach for a new addressbook. The current status is far 
away from the functionality of the current 'mature' mork implementation 
or Philippe's cardBook. James plans to go further with the 'Nightingale' 
approach (maybe the name could be better selected, but not that 
important here) but it shouldn't go with XUL -- afaiu.

So the 'vContacts' approach -- which is based on the NZ Victoria 
University project -- is to design a XUL alternative based on React and 
companion technologies. The current code not only needs functional 
updates, but very much more to work on the software design and things 
like performance analysis and optimization, quality, testing etc are 
important. If there are more working hands for that, this project could 
help to pave the ground to how Thunderbird evolves into a post-XUL world.


On 05.12.2016 10:25, Philippe VIGNEAU wrote:
> Hi folks
> just to clarify my CardBook project : its core aim is to replace the
> Thunderbird standard address books... I should admit that seeing so
> much address books projects confuses me a bit on why CardBook does not
> federate all efforts... Nevertheless I'll work harder.
> Philippe

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