Treasurer's report, November 2016

R Kent James kent at
Fri Dec 2 20:58:36 UTC 2016

Here's an update on recent donation and usage results for Thunderbird.

For reporting, I get an official report from MoFo near the end of the
month for the previous month (so I have through Oct 31) and a daily
summary, which is incomplete but gives trends.

October, 2016: $77,451.40 donations received. Spending: $721.57  Total
available funds: $332,026.47

November, 2016: trends show relatively constant donation rate for the
last six weeks, at a rate of about $70,000 per month. Estimated
available funds: $400,000 as of Dec 1, 2016.

Country breakdown (from incomplete daily trends):

Germany 27.5%
United States 21.3%
United Kingdom 8%
Japan 6.2%
Italy 6%
France 5.1%
Australia 3.6%
Netherlands 3%
Canada 2.8 %
All others: 16.6%

Contrast that with usage numbers. After the usual summer doldrums, our
ADI numbers are again peaking at slightly over 10,000,000 per day, so
usage has been fairly constant for the last year. (Estimated total users
is 2.5 times ADI, so remains at 25,000,000 users)

Country breakdown (taken from a typical day this week):

Germany 17.47%
Japan 10.69%
United States 8.95%
France 8.72%
Poland 5.83%
Italy 5.75%
Russian Federation 5.65%
Spain 3.26%
United Kingdom 2.93%
Brazil 2.93%
All others 28.03%

I would guess that France is going to overtake US for the #3 spot next year.

R Kent James
Treasurer, Thunderbird Council

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