Magnus is now Chair of the Thunderbird Council

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Congratulations to Magnus Melin! to another successful year!



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> *Subject:*Magnus is now Chair of the Thunderbird Council
> *From:*R Kent James <kent at>
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> Andrea Wood
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> On Monday, August 1 Magnus Melin took over from me as Chair of the
> Thunderbird Council. The Council has agreed he will serve an initial one
> year term.
> The role of the Chair is at the minimum the person who represents the
> decisions of the Council and the Thunderbird project to the world, which
> frequently means that he leads and brings to a resolution discussions
> among the Council, or among the project as a whole. (That does not mean
> that everything he says has been subject to a Council vote, in many
> cases the Chair can reasonably predict what the Council would agree to
> and speak for the project.)
> Beyond that, the role of the Chair is not specifically defined. We have
> discussed, but never really came to a firm conclusion, about whether the
> Chair serves as a kind of "Executive Director" for the Thunderbird
> project. Personally I always felt that tension. I felt responsible for
> the overall success of Thunderbird, including looking forward some years
> in the future, but did not really feel that the Executive Director role
> was clearly agreed among others. I hope that we ultimately back Magnus
> in however he decides to define the role.
> As for myself, I have taken on a new role as the Treasurer. In that role
> I represent the decisions of the Council and Chair concerning financial
> issues, including serving as the financial representative to the Mozilla
> Foundation.
> Best wishes Magnus as you take on this responsibility!
> R Kent James
> (former) Chair of the Thunderbird Council
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