Thunderbird 45.1 beta 1 - please test

Wayne Mery (Thunderbird QA) vseerror at
Sat Apr 30 17:29:05 UTC 2016

45.1b1 is ready for testing!  Please give it a spin.

Beta channel users can do Help | About | Check for updates.  Users not 
on beta channel can download 45.0b4 from AND then do check 
for updates.

Version 38 will become EOL with 38.8, so if you are not on version 45 we 
strongly encourage you to test the beta today to have a better chance 
that your important issues can be resolved. Please test problems in before filing bug reports 

45.1 has many stability and other improvements:

But many addon issues are being reported. If you encounter an addon 
issue you will want to inform the author of the addon which you can find 
by searching

for a list of addon issues which have been reported, and add your own.

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