Help decide the UI for the Correspondents columns

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Sat Apr 30 11:21:07 UTC 2016

> *Subject:*Re: Help decide the UI for the Correspondents columns
> *From:*Gervase Markham
> *To:*Axel Grude; Tb-planning
> *Sent: *Saturday, 30/04/2016 09:18:41 09:18 GMT ST +0100 [Week 17]
> On 29/04/16 23:44, Axel Grude wrote:
> > the thing is the name never shows the sender if it is "Me". In that
> > sense it is incomplete if we have a pair of arrows (one left one right)
> > and the right one is fat and the left one thin - or something along
> > those lines the point it to emphasize the one that is sent by "Me".
> Why not have a correspondents column which says that? Perhaps that would
> reduce confusion?
> Me -> richard.marti at
> and
> Me <- richard.marti at
> or
> richard.marti at -> Me
I think it will make it clear but it also takes away space and isn't as easily 
parseable as an icon.

So far in my books this one is a clear winner:

it just "pop" the right way without unecessarily cluttering the interface like the 
light gray *←→* did.

> In the latter case, the two types of arrow would be in the same
> direction, so they would be different colours, and/or at slightly
> different angles - the one from Me -> richard could be slightly
> downward-pointing, and the one from richard -> Me could be slightly
> upward-pointing.
Generally a good suiggestion, but still I think not as easily parseable than an icon.
> In any case, I am absolutely certain that _voting_ is a really bad way
> to decide UI.
me too. :) I would go with someone who has lots of experience (Richard?) to do the 
final decision, but it's good to have a discussion on improvements. (Not sure whether 
tb-planning is the right place, but it kind of beats having huge discussions on Bugzilla.

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