Help decide the UI for the Correspondents columns

Calum Mackay calum.mackay at
Fri Apr 29 20:19:06 UTC 2016

sorry, I realise I was indeed confusing myself, since we already have 
the left-right arrows, as shown in option 1.

I had oddly forgotten that the name now represents the Correspondent. sigh.

Odd, especially, since I am used to seeing the arrows on Correspondents.

I think it's because I normally ignore the arrows. your poll made me 
concentrate on them, and I immediately made a wrong assumption.

perhaps i'm just having a bad day, but as an experience TB user, who's 
had the Correspondents column since it appears in Daily, and I'm getting 
this confused, I have to wonder what "regular users are thinking...

apols for adding to the confusion.


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