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Calum Mackay calum.mackay at
Fri Apr 29 20:03:28 UTC 2016

On 29/04/2016 7:59 pm, Jim wrote:
> The right and up arrows mean "outgoing message", and the left and down
> arrows mean "incoming message".

It seems very misleading to have a right arrow mean outgoing, when the 
right arrow is on the left of, and pointing towards, the name.

so you're suggesting an arrow pointing *to* the name means an outgoing 
message? that seems wrong.

or have I (also) got confused?


If that is what you meant, you should perhaps also include a fourth 
case, which has left-right arrows, but where the arrows direction 
respective to the name corresponds to in and out.

i.e. an arrow pointing to the name means incoming.


As it is, I fear your poll is (accidentally) conflating two different 

- which glyphs to use (which was perhaps your intention?)

- whether left/right glyphs should point towards the name for incoming 
(my preference of the two, but not shown in your poll) or for outgoing 
(as option 1)


Finally, the confusion shown here in this thread should be an indicator 
that perhaps we're on the wrong track :)


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