Changes to review policy

Klaus Hartnegg hartnegg at
Fri Apr 29 20:08:46 UTC 2016

On 28.04.2016 at 07:33 Jim Porter wrote:
> Super-reviewers would be especially focused on making sure that changes
> meet most or all the following conditions

They can also be routine-blinded, or members of an atypical subgroup of 
the population (probably everybody here). In the end it's often only 
users who notice that some changes are bad in their use cases.

If there were more beta-testers, especially more non-developers, their 
outcry could be heared before it is too late for the release.

Of course just asking more people to switch to beta does not help much.

That's why in Windows 10 it is super easy (albeit a bit confusing) to 
switch between "fast ring" (button), "slow ring" (default), and "current 
branch for business" (checkbox to hold back features-updates). At least 
that is how I currently understand it, anyway it is just one mouse click.

Maybe if Firefox would offer a simple one-click choice between release 
and beta, more people would choose beta. And rename beta to 
early-adopter offer. Also people would be less reluctant to try beta, if 
that had checkboxes to selectively enable/disable all new features that 
could possibly be unwanted.

Or put the new UI as option into release, and let a digital assistant 
praise its advantage, suggest to test it, and offer to disable it again 
(counted by telemetry, or ask for feedback why it is bad). Effectively 
a/b testing to see what sticks.

just my 2c

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