Re: How to handle addon failures in TB 45.0

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Fri Apr 29 07:41:22 UTC 2016

Yes, we did that for the Extra folder columns addon. It is marked as compatible up to 37.x but not higher.

Isn't it that AMO automatically bumps up compatibility if the addon passes tests (created to detect functions that have changed in particular version)? But the bump can be reverted or prevented manually if the addon is proved incompatible.
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> Predmet: Re: How to handle addon failures in TB 45.0
>On 28/04/2016 20:52, R Kent James wrote:
>> Rather than just mark these as "not our problem" I suggest instead that
>> we collect names and versions of addons that are known to break core
>> Thunderbird functionality, and use a blocklist update to block these. I
>> would not do that for addons whose functionality breaks, only when the
>> addon breaks seemingly unrelated core functionality.
>You might want to talk to one of the AMO folks. I believe there's a way 
>that at least the admins can do something which stops particular add-on 
>version(s) being compatible with the latest Firefox/Thunderbird version, 
>i.e. make strict compatibility work temporarily.
>Its been a while, so unfortunately I can't remember the details.
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