How to handle addon failures in TB 45.0

Mark Banner mbanner at
Fri Apr 29 06:57:52 UTC 2016

On 28/04/2016 20:52, R Kent James wrote:

> Rather than just mark these as "not our problem" I suggest instead that
> we collect names and versions of addons that are known to break core
> Thunderbird functionality, and use a blocklist update to block these. I
> would not do that for addons whose functionality breaks, only when the
> addon breaks seemingly unrelated core functionality.
You might want to talk to one of the AMO folks. I believe there's a way 
that at least the admins can do something which stops particular add-on 
version(s) being compatible with the latest Firefox/Thunderbird version, 
i.e. make strict compatibility work temporarily.

Its been a while, so unfortunately I can't remember the details.


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