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Ludovic Hirlimann ludovic at
Thu Apr 28 08:53:30 UTC 2016

On 28/04/2016 07:33, Jim Porter wrote:
> Therefore, I'd like to propose the following: any change to
> Thunderbird's defaults should have a super-review before landing.
> Super-reviewers would be especially focused on making sure that changes
> meet most or all the following conditions, in descending order of
> importance:
> 1) No data/program state should be lost.
> 2) Before changing a default, we should be sure the new default is
>    fully-operational.
> 3) Users should have an easy path to roll back to the previous UI/UX if
>    they don't like the new version. If possible, ask the user *before*
>    upgrading them.
> 4) It should be easy for users to find out what's changed, along with
>    instructions for how to adjust the new behavior to their liking.
I wished we had done that for 3.0. We changed so many UI default that
some people stayed on 2.x forever :( It was so bad that one of the new
default was reverted in 3.1. (grouped inbox versus account inbox for
those wondering).

I do believe that ui changes are easily accepted if noyt noticeable at
first :)

so I'd +1 jim proposition.


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