UBO Spring Cleaning

Wayne Mery (Thunderbird QA) vseerror at lehigh.edu
Tue Apr 26 20:37:25 UTC 2016

Yay! Version 45 is going gang busters.

New releases bring many "Unconfirmed Bug Objects".

Many bug reports are getting attention from the traditional helpers. But 
more helpers are needed for a short period to assist users.

Simply touch a couple bugs to help clarify the user's steps to 
reproduce. Also ensure it doesn't reproduce in Thunderbird safe mode 

If you can reproduce the problem but do not have bugzilla privileges put 
"confirmed" in the whiteboard field.  (And if you have privileges of 
course you can do much more.)

Some bug lists to get you started :

* examples of non-reporter's comments http://mzl.la/1SNlRJg so you can 
see how others are asking/helping (and where the bug reporter has not 
yet responded), sorted by component

* triage list you can pick from http://mzl.la/234eHjk - UNCO bugs 
created in last 30 days, sorted by component

* examples of confirmed current issues http://mzl.la/1Qz104C (don't need 
triage), sorted by component

If you need guidance please visit http://bit.ly/1WotkxE and ask a 
question on IRC

Thanks in advance for offering a helping hand!

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