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> >> Dear Jörg,
> >>
> >> it is a good snippet, but how to summarize the advantage of going away
> >> from binary? As an Add-On Dev I can understand the advantage of not
> >> being dependant on having a compatible application and that it makes
> >> it easier for other Add-On authors to write extensions for the
> >> calendar when the code is open and debuggable...
> >>
> >The advantage should be no dependency of TB version and platform. The
> >newest Lightning should then work also with older TB versions.
> Which may not be possible if it uses some new JS features that are not available in older TB versions/gecko core.
I would presume minVer should deal with this accordingly?
> I think it is more that JS code in Lightning does not need to be recompiled for future versions of TB. Binary addons need to be recompiled for every new releases even if no code changed in the addon. But UUIDs and interfaces may have slightly changed in the base application which need to be picked up by the recompilation.
from the Addon Developers perspective it is ideal to do regression testing with the 
minimum version specified in install.rdf. (I usually cut off old versions at Gecko 34.0)


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