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Fri Apr 22 08:22:00 UTC 2016

Please leave it out for the blog for now. This is nothing to advertise at this point in time.

Once landed on esr45 (which is desired but not guarantied for 45.1), we can still have a call for testing in the calendar blog to attract some more early adopters than we already have to enable it.

If you want to include announcements for calendar please check with Fallen first (I'm mostly unavailable until month end).

Am 22. April 2016 08:11:53 MESZ, schrieb "Jörg Knobloch" <jorgk at>:
>On 22/04/2016 07:59, Magnus Melin wrote:
>What's discussed is including a major update to the IcalJS code already
>included, but enabling it it would still be behind a pref. 
>Yes, you're 100% right, but for a blog entry you can phrase it more
>Fact is, that the IcalJS code previously included was sadly not usable
>due to some debilitating bugs, now it's ready for prime time usage. As
>MakeMyDay said in the last meeting, he wants to include it in 45.1 so
>more adventurous people can flick the switch and start using it. I
>think this is a reason to mention it.
>Text that I proposed will shed a positive light on TB and will make us
>look pro-active and future-proof ;-)
>Quoting: Thunderbird is adapting to Mozilla's roadmap of phasing out
>binary add-ons to make Thunderbird future-proof. A big milestone along
>this path is the transition from Lightning being a binary add-on to a
>JS-based one. For the first time Lightning is shipped as binary and
>stable JS-based add-on and we encourage users to try out [(flip the
>pref)] the new technology, since the binary version will no longer ship
>with Thunderbird 52. 
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