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Dear Jörg,

it is a good snippet, but how to summarize the advantage of going away from binary? As 
an Add-On Dev I can understand the advantage of not being dependant on having a 
compatible application and that it makes it easier for other Add-On authors to write 
extensions for the calendar when the code is open and debuggable...


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> *Subject:* Re: Thunderbird Blog Entry
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> On 22/04/2016 07:59, Magnus Melin wrote:
>> What's discussed is including a major update to the IcalJS code already included, 
>> but enabling it it would still be behind a pref. 
> Yes, you're 100% right, but for a blog entry you can phrase it more positively.
> Fact is, that the IcalJS code previously included was sadly not usable due to some 
> debilitating bugs, now it's ready for prime time usage. As MakeMyDay said in the 
> last meeting, he wants to include it in 45.1 so more adventurous people can flick 
> the switch and start using it. I think this is a reason to mention it.
> Text that I proposed will shed a positive light on TB and will make us look 
> pro-active and future-proof ;-)
> Quoting: /Thunderbird is adapting to Mozilla's roadmap of phasing out binary add-ons 
> to make Thunderbird future-proof. A big milestone along this path is the transition 
> from Lightning being a binary add-on to a JS-based one. For the first time Lightning 
> is shipped as binary and stable JS-based add-on and we encourage users to try out 
> [(flip the pref)] the new technology, since the binary version will no longer ship 
> with Thunderbird 52. /
> Jörg.
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