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Jörg Knobloch jorgk at
Thu Apr 21 19:54:46 UTC 2016

On 21/04/2016 21:37, Axel Grude wrote:
> Could Kent or somebody from the Tb-Planning team put these items into 
> "End-user-consumption" ready paragraphs? I would find it difficult to 
> summarize as I am not doing much other than following the bugs and 
> maybe add 2 cents of comment.
> A short paragraph on the "Asian crisis"would be a great thing, I want 
> to accumulate some good will before Thunderbird attempts any 
> fundraisers. If we do not market the (free as in beer) service the 
> Thunderbird community provides to the End-Users then it won't be 
> recognized and that cuts us off from potential future funding.
>> Also notable is that TB 45.1 will ship with IcalJS, a JS replacement 
>> of the old C++ calendar. This is a big step forward for the future of 
>> TB. BTW, I switched to IcalJS recently and haven't seen a problem yet.
> Again, how would you explain this to an end-user? They see the 
> Lightning plugin as the front-end, how is that affected?

This is really hard to do without having seen the text of the article first.

Surely you won't go over the new features since they are covered 
elsewhere, or just pick a few highlight.

I think the article should talk about the background (unpaid 
volunteers), the possible separation from the Mozilla and that despite 
all odds a bright and shine TB 45 was released. Something similar to the 
"Thunderbird 38 Released" blog article.

About the "Asian crisis" you could write: Since after Germany Japan has 
the second largest user group, the new release of Thunderbird addresses 
various problems in the composition of email written in Asian languages, 
like Japanese, Korean and Chinese. After many years of complaints, 
Thunderbird will now serve theses users as well as it serves others.

And the IcalJS stuff: Thunderbird is adapting to Mozilla's roadmap of 
phasing out binary add-ons to make Thunderbird future-proof. A big 
milestone along this path is the transition from Lightning being a 
binary add-on to a JS-based one. For the first time Lightning is shipped 
as binary and JS-based add-on and we encourage users to try out the new 
technology, since the binary version will no longer ship with 
Thunderbird 52.


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