Thunderbird version 45.0 available - YouTube Video

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Mon Apr 18 10:34:26 UTC 2016

Dear Jörg,

Yeah I noticed the "not installed" bug, but I didn't want to draw too much attention 
to it - it still is a great feature and already useful as it is. Hope I selected the 
"right" features to highlight.

If anybody from the Thunderbird List is interested in making a video on other 
Thunderbird features or use my channel for Thunderbird advocacy / marketing feel free 
to hit my up for it; more up to date content about desktop mail is sorely missing on 

kind regards


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> *Subject:* Re: Thunderbird version 45.0 available - YouTube Video
> *From: *Jörg Knobloch
> *To:* Tb-planning
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> On 18/04/2016 10:15, Axel Grude wrote:
>> Just wanted to share this video with you:
> Great video, but sadly the font selector is not working well due to a regression 
> which is due to be fixed in TB 45.1 (bug 1265181).
> Also, the suffix "not installed" is not really right when you have "Verdana, 
> sans-serif" as font, when Verdana is installed. I wanted to strip the ", sans-serif" 
> before testing, but I found opposition to this [1]. Anyway, I'm having another go at 
> getting this fixed (bug 1265326).
> Jorg K.
> [1] and futher on.
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