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Sat Apr 2 14:10:28 UTC 2016

Hello Friends of Thunderbird ,

//Dr. James Quilty, Senior Lecturer//
//at the//
//School of Engineering and Computer Science,//
//Victoria University of Wellington/

has chosen for their 3rd-year Engineering Group Project our offered 
proposal to work on the Thunderbird AddressBook.

James have made some project pages for the class, which can be seen here:
Project 11 - Thunderbird Ensemble Project 

As you see with the project name, the project will have a strong 
relation to Mike Conley's previous project he run in 2013. Unfortunately 
it was not finished, but it's great to have Mike on board again for the 
University project. Please have a look on his GIT Wiki 
<> which has a 
revised approach now and will be an important basis for the group of 
students at the School of Engineering and Computer Science, Victoria 
University of Wellington.

As there have been more people asking TB/AddressBook to become a 
student's project I'm very optimistic the group of students will get 
help and support from the Thunderbird community as well.

James explained: /the project structure "needs a client, someone who 
'wants something done'"./ Mike Conely agreed to take that role, but 
because of his very limited time I agreed to assist. I see my role more 
as a moderator and to help the students to get the right contacts and 
technical support if required.

This project can be a great solution to get a modern AddressBook for our 
Thunderbird. So, please be open to help and assist the young people 
committed to the project:

     Daly Andrew <dalyandrewd _at_>
     Barnett David <david _at_>
     Coyle Ellie <elliermcoyle _at_>
     Craighead Hannah <hannahcraighead23 _at_>
     Huang Joely <joely.huang _at_>
     Orevillo Miguel <mlgorevillo _at_>


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