New member looking to help out

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Fri Apr 1 02:45:44 UTC 2016

On 03/31/2016 10:11 AM, TT Mooney wrote:
> I'm happy to help out with project/product management, documentation,
> and whatever else seems useful. I don't have much coding experience, but
> anything else is fair game.

Thank you!

We need help in many areas. Take your pick and get started. Wherever you 
feel a need and you think you can contribute.

Depending on your talents, outreach is something we need urgently. We 
need to get people (all those webmail users who never heard about 
desktop email clients) know about TB, what it can do for them (check all 
your email accounts in one click, organize your mail so that you can 
find it again, etc.), how great open source is etc. Some call that 
"marketing", but we don't have a market. We're just trying to help people...

Just think of new ways how to reach people, how to tell them about TB, 
get them excited. Then just do it.

> I'd like to see an addressbook replacement, as well as making carddav
> and caldav support better. I think there's a big hole in contact
> management in most clients -- not just Thunderbird -- and that is key to
> having a good offline client.



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