m.d.s.policy proposal to remove S/MIME support from Mozilla root certificates

Volker Birk vb at pep-project.org
Wed Sep 23 13:47:55 UTC 2015



p≡p is not only supporting PGP, but S/MIME (and CMS), too. Therefore, if
Enigmail/p≡p will be used, S/MIME will be fully supported, and the
handling of certificates can be dealt with by p≡p engine.

If Thunderbird want to use this functionality, it could drop S/MIME
support completely without harm, if Enigmail/p≡p will be used instead.

There are different possibilities to use p≡p engine. Basically, it's
like this:

a) use it as an implementation of a list of crypto standards like
   PGP or S/MIME

b) use it as a crypto replacement (deals with everything itself)

c) use it as provider of (additional) message transports – which can be
   encrypted fully automated

In my view, Enigmail/p≡p will target being b) and offering c). This is
preliminary, because we hadn't have the time to define it exactly yet,
so it may change after discussion with our partners at Enigmail.

It also depends on what Thunderbird wants to have.


P.S.: We're still searching new members of staff for hiring ;-)
Volker Birk, p≡p project
mailto:vb at pep-project.org  http://www.pep-project.org
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